"Trouble on Earth Day"   (Picture Book by Kathy Stemke)

 I'm very excited to be part of a virtual book tour which is slated to launch this November. Each week I'll be featuring a different author on my blog http://educationtipster.blogspot.com .  You can add comments or questions that I can ask the author.  I will interview these authors and get insights into their lives and their writing.  Some of them might be authors that you have read or are using in your classroom already, while others are exciting new authors entering the book world.  I am one of the latter.  My first children's book entitled, "Trouble on Earth Day," is being illustrated.  This book about a squirrel named Shelby and her family is a great way to introduce your children to conservation and recycling. After finding things around the house to recycle, Shelby hears someone crying outside her home.  Without giving too much away, I can tell you that she helps another animal through a crisis using her recycled materials.  Then all is well in the forest again!  This book will come with several activity pages for children, parents and teachers to enjoy. In fact, if you could take the time to tell me some things you would like to have in the activity section, I would appreciate it.  (Ex: a picture of each character to make puppets for the classroom)  I will be interviewed on other authors site as well.

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