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DKV Writing 4 U strives to help writers on their journey toward publication; businesses increase visibility and opportunities; and for those just starting out, we even help with blog and website creation.

Karen Cioffi is an author, ghostwriter, and freelance writer; co-moderator of a children’s critique group; a reviewer for multiple sites; and founder and manager of VBT Writers on the Move.

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As a published author, educator, freelance writer with over 100 articles in article directories, and magazines, a contributing editor for The National Writing for Children Center, and a reviewer for Sylvan Dell Publishing Kathy Stemke has the experience to help you fine tune your writing.


Even if you belong to a great critique group you need an unbiased professional to critque your book before you submit it to a publisher.

Pricing is on an individual basis and depends on the time needed to help you. Children's picture book critiques up to 1000 words is $35. Chapter books run from $50-$100 depending on the length of the manuscript.

Ghostwriting and Article Writing

If you don't have the time to write your own blogs or articles, I'm also a ghostwriter. I work well with those who want their thoughts and ideas put into words and I work in a number of genres. Pricing depends on the scope of the project.

Check out sample articles:



Take a look at some other titles I have written about:

Benefits of Eating Soup,   Correcting a Cleft Lip,   Tips for Shopping at Flea Markets,   Greek Goddess: Aphrodite, Characteristics and Credentials to Look for when Hiring a Tutor,     Entrepreneurs Success Stories,                 Tips for a Long Lasting Marriage,  5 Mistakes to Avoid when Raising Cash Quickly,   How to Pay for College Now,   Needs vs Wants,      How to Help Young Children Develop Math Skills at Home,     Tiger Beetles:Tiny Terrors
The Evolution of Primates,   How Whales Evolved, How Ethology Might Help Us,   A Look at Animal Social Groups, The Benefits of Circuit Traning,   Strength Training Mistakes,    Understanding French Terminology in Ballet,  Exercise for the Older Person,   Alternative Exercises to Sit Ups,  Taking Beginning Adult Ballet Classes,    Confidence's Role in Dance,     Sepsis: Symtoms and Treatments,    Vitiligo: Symptoms andTreatments   Elizabeth Taylors Precious Gems
Ready to get started?

If you’d like to hire me to work on your writing project, please email me at dancekam1@yahoo.com .
Please include the following details:

* Your name

* Your business name

* Details about your writing project

* Your target audience

* The tone and style you want me to use

The more details you can give me, the better I’ll be able to serve you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Why don’t you list your prices online?
Each project is unique. Some will take longer to finish than others based on the topic, complexity, amount of research, etc. It’s better for me to learn as much as possible about your project so that I can give you a fair price.  I am willing to make some changes, however, with a major rewrite there may be some additional charges.  Thanks.

Kathy Stemke


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